In addition to a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, Samantha studied classic master oil painting with teacher, Andy Reiss, who is a student of Ted Seth Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs is known as one of the premier oil painting professors in the world today. His teachers and his teacher’s teachers trace back to the great masters, the work of whom you can see in the Metropolitan Museum of art and the Louvre amongst other museums. They teach noble and significant painting and drawing techniques that have largely been ignored in the 20th and 21st centuries. Thankfully, through their efforts, the knowledge is not being lost and is slowly seeing a resurgence in the Pop Surrealist and illustrative genres.

Samantha is available {and would be honored} to paint or draw a portrait for you. Price depends on what you might desire to have painted. Please email her to up a free consultation.

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all images copyright Samantha Levin, 2008

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