curriculum vitae


2001  |  BFA Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
2004  |  Master art classes with teacher, Andy Reiss, Brooklyn, NY



| The Realm of the Unreal – The Fantasies of a Reclusive Janitor. A group exhibition featuring Kurt Wandelmaier, Allison Sommers, Christina Graf, Jeremy Hush, Joe Menna, Julianna Menna, Max Kahan, Michal Brodka, Robert Kraiza, Seldon Hunt, Zoe Williams, Nicomi Nix Turner, Katelan Foisy, Kurt Huggins, Buddy Nestor, Jeff Faerber, Caitlin McCormack, Alex Passapera, Michael Motorcycle, Matt Rota, Paul Loughney, Paul Romano, Tun Myaing and Steve Cleff.

|  The Elusive Key, A group exhibition celebrating the mystique of Houdini at the 110th anniversary of his Mirror escape.
Featuring Allison Sommers, Anthony Pontius, Christina Graf, Caitlin Karolczak, Gothic Hangman, Jeremy Hush, Joshua Harker, Julianna Menna, Max Kahan, Michal Brodka, Michael Bukowski, Nicomi Nix Turner, Paul Romano, Robert Kraiza, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Seldon Hunt, Tom Torluemke, Yao Xiao, Yuri Leonov and Zoë Williams.
| The Happening II, An Art and Music Salon Night organized by Allison Sommers, Gerrit Rossler and Samantha Levin

Ontological, an exhibition of introspective artworks by Yuri Leonov and Jake Blake
The Center Ring, A one-night exhibition for Gemini & Scorpio’s Lost Circus
| The Happening, An Art and Music Salon Night organized by Allison Sommers, Gerrit Rossler and Samantha Levin
Peripeteia II, A group exhibition showcasing artists who have worked with Anagnorisis throughout the past five years

|  Monthly solo exhibitions with artists James Elliott Moore, Jeremy Hush, Ina Jang, James Cospito, Yuri Leonov, Blood Dumpster Art Collective and others, White Rabbit’s White Box, New York, NY
|  Peripeteia, a group exhibition showcasing White Rabbit artists past and future, January, White Rabbit’s White Box, New York, NY

| Ise Cultural Foundation, Program for Emerging Curators (curated by Samantha Levin and Danielle Ezzo), Another Roadside Attraction, New York, NY
|  Art showcase at West Elm/DUMBO Arts Festival with artists Susan Benarcik, Abby Goodman, James Cospito and Liz Burrow in cooperation with the Brooklyn Art Project, Brooklyn, NY
|  Monthly solo exhibitions with artists Luke Jackson, Caitlin Hackett, Dave Tree, C. J. Stahl, Buddy Nestor, Tun Myaing, Jeff Faerber and Erin Endicott, White Rabbit, New York, NY

|  Shadow’s Space (curated by Samantha Levin and Danielle Ezzo), The Little Deaths, New York, NY
|  Art of the Automobile, Classic Car Club, New York, NY
|  The Persistence of Vision (curated by Samantha Levin and Danielle Ezzo), Theater for the New City, New York, NY
|  Monthly solo exhibitions with artists Erik Bergstrom, Natalie Kocsis, Ina Jang, Fortoul Presents (Heather Gargon, Isaac Fortoul, Bobby Castanega), Alex Passapera, Molly Bosley, Dana Bunker and others, White Rabbit’s White Box, New York, NY

|  Solo exhibitions of photographers Danielle Ezzo and Nia Mora, November and December, White Rabbit’s White Box, New York, NY
|  Contempt’s Tenth Anniversary Art Show, a one-night exhibit of dark art, New York, NY




|  Director and owner of Samantha Levin Fine Art.
| Press Director for the O+ Festival.
| Guest blogger for the Creep Machine art blog.


|  Manager for Swollen Gland Artist Collective including the artwork of Dan Ouellette, Mike Marino, Paul Komoda, Andrew Jones and Cam de Leon.
|  Primary curator and art event coordinator for the White Rabbit’s White Box.
|  Collaborative and guest curating and blogging with the Brooklyn Art Project involving exhibits at West Elm in as part of the DUMBO Arts Festival and the inaugural Verge Brooklyn Art Fair.
|  New York ambassador to Pop Up Lisboa, an annual international exhibit that “develops components of investigation and research, directly inviting artists and experts from the fields of culture and art.”

2009 {March/April}
|  Interim gallery director for Paul Booth Gallery.

2008 {September}
|  “Contempt’s Tenth Anniversary Art Show“ involving fifteen artists for a one-night gala event.

|  Co-curator, photographer and administrator for the Antagonist Art Movement.



|  Lecturer, Outside the White Box, in cooperation with the School of Visual Arts Alumni Society
|  Guest teacher at Putnam County Middle School via New York BOCES program.
|  One on one tutor, guide and career manager for emerging artists.



| Fuse Gallery,Guild of The Black Eagle 5 (curated by David Hochbaum), New York, NY

|  Ise Cultural Foundation, Program for Emerging Curators (curated by Anagnorisis Fine Arts), Another Roadside Attraction, New York, NY
|  Cirque de Boobles (Benefit auction to benefit artist, Sylvia Ortiz), MD
|  Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico (curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey with guest curator Miguel Calderon), Draw, Mexico City, Mexico
|  A Temporary Space, Emergent Behavior: Project for a Houston Biennial (curated by Raphael Rubinstein and students at the University of Houston), Houston, TX

|  Shadow’s Space (curated by Anagnorisis Fine Arts), The Little Deaths, New York, NY
|  Green Spaces (curated by Susan Benarcik), Inaugural art installation for this company’s new office in Manhattan, New York, NY
|  Barrister’s Gallery (curated by Joanna Ebenstein of Morbid Anatomy and Observatory), The Morbid Anatomy Cabinet or Gallery as Wunderkammer, New Orleans, LA
|  717 Studio, .MIXTAPE., Brooklyn, NY
|  The Theater For The New City, Extra Ordinary, New York, NY

|  Contempt’s Tenth Anniversary Art Show, New York, NY
|  Dead Cat Gallery, Behold! The Antagonist Art Movement!, Providence, RI
|  The Theater For The New City’s Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, Art Into Action, Action Into Art, New York, NY
|  YWCA, RAGS Wearable Art Sale and Juried Gallery, Tacoma, WA

|  Antagonist Movement, Femmevolution, New York, NY
|  Antagonist Movement, This is Berlin, Not New York, Mastul e.V. Gallery, Berlin, Germany
|  Evil City Film Festival, Movie Posters Show, New York, NY
|  Howl Festival, Howling Mad, New York, NY
|  Blacksun Festival Art Reception, New Haven, CT
|  Antagonist Movement, Art Slam, New York, NY
|  Projekt30 June Online Exhibition

|  Artist Studio Tour, Jersey City, NJ
|  Cultural Center at Victory Hall, Art Auction Gala, Jersey City, NJ
|  Jersey City Museum, Paper Ball, Jersey City, NJ
|  Grace Church Van Vorst, Cathedral Arts Festival, Jersey City, NJ

|  Goliath Visual Space, Benediction, Brooklyn, NY

|  School of Visual Arts West 21st St Gallery, Memory {two-artist show}, New York, NY



2011 | School of Visual Arts, Alumni Scholarship Awards Panel Member
2012 | School of Visual Arts, Accepted Students Day Panel Member



|  Ise Cultural Foundation Program for Emerging Curators recipient.  Another Roadside Attraction. A group exhibit exploring contemporary use of the grotesque in visual art.



|  Schnabel, J.L.. “Peripeteia Group Show.” [Online] Hi Fructose Magazine, January 16, 2011.
|  Belbiesi, Yasmin.  “Buddy Nestor at the White Rabbit Lounge.” [Online] Hi Fructose Magazine, July 29, 2010.
|  Edlund, Carolyn. “Interview with Artist’s Agent Samantha Levin.” [Online] Artsy Shark, May 18, 2010.
|  Drumm, Perrin.  “Exploring the Grotesque.” [Online] Sundance Channel; SUNfiltered, November 10th, 2010.
|  “Another Roadside Attraction.” [Online] ArtCat, November, 2010.

|  Content curator for Bienart Surreal Art Collective blog, 2001-present
|  Content curator for Creep Machine blog, 2011-present
|  Content curator for the Brooklyn Art Project blog, 2009-present
|  Content curator for Anagnorisis Fine Arts blog, 2008-present

|  Grossman, Pam. “Samantha Levin.” [Online] Phantasmaphile, January 14, 2009.
|  Literary Chaos, Online Journal of Experimental Fiction and Poetry, November, 2007
| Featured artist, July 24, 2007
|  Visual Arts Magazine, School of Visual Arts, Fall, 2003

|  Glass, Daniel. “Lost Horizon Night Market.” [Online] Wired Underwire,Spring, 2010.
|  “The Insurgents of 2010 portrait of Molly Crabapple.” [Online] The New York Observer, Winter, 2009.
|  Gothic Lolita Bible, The Wedding Issue, Spring, 2009.
|  “Off Leash: Tatt’s What We’re Talking About.”, [Online], November, 2008



|  Assistant to curator Carol Lane in the studio of Carlo Maria Mariani
|  Sloan Fine Art, art gallery

|  ImageSource, stock photography company

|  Peter Terezakis, kinetic sculptor and multimedia artist

|  Charles Morrow, performance and sound artist

|  Laurie Anderson, performance and sound artist


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