Samantha LevinSamantha Levin was born and raised in rural New England not too far from New York City. At a young age she showed a strong interest in both music and visual arts, taking on the artistic bents of her family members. After a stint in college studying music, she attended the School of Visual Arts, graduating in 2001 with a BFA in sculpture. She subsequently spent several years studying classic realist drawing and oil painting technique at a small Brooklyn atelier. Strongly influenced by the assemblage of Joseph Cornell and Edward Keinholtz, she creates found object sculpture that plays with the meanings that objects connote. Her works explore a threshold of reality; that fine line between what actually exists in our surroundings and what we finally decide to believe.

For the past few years Samantha has been deeply involved in curating art exhibits which explore the grotesque, an under-explored element in the arts. In 2010, she was awarded a grant from the ISE Cultural Foundation’s Program for Emerging Curators. She has worked with the Brooklyn Art Project on several art productions, and blogs for the Creep Machine and the Beinart Surreal Art Collective. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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5 thoughts on “bio

  1. hi, Im Constantine aka gus and I approve of this message.

    hey Samantha it was a pleasure meeting you at Last Rites, I had the chance to visit your website (obviously) and I am extremely impressed by your work. It really touched the deeper realms of my psyche in many ways. I hope all is well-keep rockin’

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