Kitchen Tragedy

There was a large black pot on the stove that was making the room smell like fish. The room was too hot, and someone had left the sink running.

Johnny thought he was alone in the house. A shock jolted his body when he rushed into the kitchen and realized that his wife was home. He shut the water and and quickly shoved his bag behind some pots in the cabinet above the sink. If she caught him with it, he might lose his job and his home.

“Whatchya got there?”

His wife’s voice was slightly more shrill than usual. He spun to find her leaning against the door jam, trying to stand without her crutches.

“Are you alright?” he said with earnest as he turned around to face her. She was visibly in pain from having hurried into the kitchen. She gasped a little, but nodded. “Let me get your crutches,” he passed her and went into the living room, “Where are they?”

“They’re in the corner.” She turned her head towards the kitchen, curious about a rustling sound she started hearing in the cabinet that Johnny had left open. He immediately regretted turning the water off and simultaneously realized his error in leaving the fire burning on the stove. There’s no way either of them would be able to get to the stove in time.


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