Bee-sting Breasts

I’ve always been fascinated by androgyny. Some of my favorite cartoon characters, in fact, were effeminate male villains, and I am proud to admit I was a die hard Duranny. I’m quite smitten with the fact that it’s become common of late to see gender-bending models in fashion mags everywhere. Tilda Swinton and David Bowie have humored (and poked fun of) their fans by doing up a music video that plays with their own criss-crossing: Whilst David and Tilda try to live a normal life, models Saskia de Brauw and Andrej Pejíc, who are, themselves, known for their androgyny, invade and interrupt. {via}


Well…Tilda and Bowie can eat their hearts out.

More androgynous than them all was Louise Lecavalier, one of the most stunning examples of androgynous beauty I’ve ever seen. She is very much a woman. You can see this in Bowie’s Fame 1990 music video and in other videos of her dance performances she’s done over the years. But back in the early eighties, she was extremely muscular and masculine. She pushed gender boundaries not only with her look, but by switching gender rolls in her dances, with aggressive movements that often involved her lifting her male dancing partners. In the 1985 video “Human Sex” {embedded below} her gender bending is very blunt. The shape of her back, her uncovered bee-sting breasts, the frenetic movements and aggressively mischievous look on her face makes her gender extremely dubious…yet beautiful and sublime. The fake mustache she wears is almost a distraction from the masculinity she already exhibits. The dance is one of pubescent fighting, laced with sexual tension. Louise’s girly flirting is awkward and out of place because it is laced with a masculine sexual hunger, like a horny young boy trying to figure out how to control his urges. She is an intensely brave woman who played with some very delicate boundaries – and she’s such an unbelievably talented performer to boot.

La La La Human Steps’ “Human Sex” performance, 1985:

Stills and portraits of Louise from the early 1990s:

LescavalierLouise_1 LescavalierLouise_2

Louise played one of the bad guy's henchmen in the movie Strange Days. The movie involves her in a violent fight with the also very muscular Angela Bassett.

Louise played one of the bad guy’s henchmen in the movie Strange Days. The movie involves her in a violent fight with the also very muscular Angela Bassett.

More recent portraits:

176348-louise-lecavalier-elijah-brown-few artiste_louise_lecavalier LecavalierLouise_3 FILLE-1-HR

Please peruse my collection of androgynous souls on my Pinterest page here.

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