When I was in high school (1986-1990), I was, as you might expect, one of the oddballs. There were a few tables in the corner of the cafeteria where we all sat for lunch with our spiked or shaved hair, strange clothing and alternative jewelry. One day, I heard about an underage dance hall, called Images, just over the NY/CT border where other weirdos from other high schools would go to hang out, and so I started bugging a friend to take me there. DJs from the local state college in CT would spin New Wave, Industrial, EBM, Ska, Hardcore, House, etc. (yes, it was quite an eclectic mix). It was bliss. Sort of – put a bunch of teenage rejects in a room together and you get some bittersweet love, mixed with some freaky hormones.

Thanks to Myspace, we all found each other again about 10 years ago. We’ve since had three reunions all heavily attended by around 200 people each. It was fantastic!

One of the DJs from Images went through all his old LPs from back then and made about 31 mixes on CDs which he graciously shipped to anyone who wanted a copy. I’ve had a huge hankering to listen to this music lately, and decided to share, so I’ve been slowly uploading all the mixed to 8tracks.

If you want some serious reminiscence from the eighties, NON top 40, thank you, go have a listen.


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