The Fetishist

“…Imagine a fetishist who becomes infatuated with, let’s say, a grubby piece of cloth, and who threatens and entreats and defies every risk in order to acquire this beloved bit of rag. A peculiar idea, isn’t it? A man who at one and the same time is ashamed of the object of his desire and cherishes it above everything else, a man who is ready to sacrifice his life for this love, since the feeling he has for it is perhaps as overwhelming as Romeo’s feeling for Juliet. Such cases exist, as you know. So, in he same way, there are things, situations, that no one has dared to externalize, but which  the mind has produced by accident in a moment of aberration, of madness, call it what you will. At the next stage, the idea becomes flesh and blood.” – from Solaris by Stanislaw Lem


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