A Little Life Review

1. I am most attracted to sound and noise in music before melody or lyrics, thus I listen to a lot of electronica.
2. I have a very silly DaffyDuck-like sense of humor that tends to only come out when I’m confronted by certain other like-minded silly people. 
3. I have a black belt in karate but don’t study any longer so you could probably beat me to a pile of pulp if you wanted to. My good friend Shara still trains so she can take revenge for me.
4. My eyes are green and brown.
5. Neon lights make me uncomfortable no matter what color they are.
6. I am not a number, I am a free man!
7. Facial expressions don’t mean much to me any more.
8. My neighbor keeps garlic and onion cloves on the floor outside her apartment door. She’s crazy and thinks that my roommates and I are running a commercial business manufacturing widgets and keeps sending inspectors to foil our money-making schemes.
9. I often bite off more than I can chew.
10. I am sometimes an introvert and other times an extrovert. Mostly I’m an introvert.
11. My hair is extremely fine.
12. I saw a woman on the train once who had unnaturally large eyes. I’d never before seen something simultaneously so beautiful and frightening that wasn’t kept in a glass jar with fermaldehyde.
13. I often feel a strong empathy for inanimate objects. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animism
14. In the woods behind my house there used to be an alcove at the end of a tunnel of trees that had a small circle of carved stone seats. It was enclosed by a grouping of old, gnarly crabapple trees that were remnants of a defunct apple orchard. My mom, in order to keep me from getting lost in the woods while visiting this little magical place, tied string from the edge of the woods, from tree to tree to the alcove. There was a little bush growing by the stone seats that, when you picked a leaf, would tell your fortune or give you a task. Sometimes a leaf would tell you a joke. Over the years, all the crabapple trees crumbled, the saplings grew tall and the bush disappeared. But the stone seats are still there.
15. One of the first albums my dad gave me was King Crimson’s Three of a Perfect Pair. The song Nuages made me feel like I was melting. This was in the fourth grade.
16. I love the sound of a square wave tone.
17. I have an old stuffed animal named Fnoo. He’s a moose. I think he was supposed to be a reindeer, but my 3 year old mentality thought otherwise. I used his antlers to carry him around. They eventually fell off. I still have him. Sometimes he leaks little white pellets.
18. One of the jokes my dad loved to tell when I was little: What lives in the woods and goes, “FNOOOOOOO”? A moose with a hairlip. Sorry to anyone who has a hairlip.
19. My maternal grandfather worked out of his basement making dentures. When he passed away I inherited all his fake porcelain teeth.
20. My paternal grandfather was one of the first TV cameramen. He also made sculptures and jewelry.
21. My paternal grandmother’s name is Belle, which is one of my favorite names.
22. I filled this out during my morning commute while stuck squashed on a 4 train.
23. I get into things slowly, checking out the whole situation before diving in. I feel like people get impatient with me.
24. I went to music school before deciding to pursue the fine arts.
25. Meh.


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