dada today? gone tomorrow…

When dada became popular in the early 20th century, it’s original message became distorted and its evil twin, it’s doppelgänger so to speak, took its place. Duchamp’s *Fountain*, meant to poke fun at the cognoscenti, became its champion.

This fountain has since been used a myriad times in a myriad ways as model. The readymade, so easy to spin, morphed into conceptual art of various sorts, and craft or technical prowess within the high arts was told to go stand in the corner with it’s dunce cap on until further notice.

But Dada is nihilistic. It did what it meant to do – whatever that was. It’s still trying to achieve it’s (unsought for) goal of bringing art back down to earth. But most of those who began the movement are no longer alive and their viewpoint of the world no longer really applies.

Down with Dada!!


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