There are many ideas in this world
Many many isms that float about
none are better than the rest
for everything is relative
pick your favorite
and live by it.
neglect it as if it were a horse lost in the sky.

In {or around} 1997 I discovered a text by the brilliant writer Tristan Tzara.  It was a truncated version of his 1922 Lecture.  It converted me completely from one person into another.  I suddenly found myself a wide-eyed and bushy-tailed dadaist.  I began to explore and began the DadaMonster.

The brilliance of the World Wide Web caused my oversimplified List of Lovely Links to spread via keywords and tags leading me to various other dadaists and like-minded crazy-people.

I have not paid much attention to my monster for a long long while…until today…when Cecil emailed me.


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