art slam!

For the past few months I’ve been getting more and more involved with an artists’ collective called the Antagonist Movement.  I have been showing my work with them as well as help curate their weekly shows. 

Based in a New York bar called Niagara, the Antagonists have been throwing weekly art slams for over seven years.  Each week fifteen new artists are booked to show for one night in the basement gallery where the walls are pock-marked and bright red.  Punk bands, creative djs, comedians and other performers entertain in the room next door.  Artwork is exhibited and sold, artists meet artists, and connections are made. 

The normal first impression is that the place can not be a good environment to show art work (a basement of a bar?), but you quickly find that the energy is fantastic.  I’ve not experienced a more inspiring atmosphere in years. 

Artist, Pauline Yun, wrote of her experience with showing at one of the Antagonist art slams, “I really liked the event and found it to be such a welcome relief from the usual Chelsea scene…it was a purely authentic experience, which made me happy to be an artist in New York.  Everyone I met was very real and honest and doing it for the right reasons.  I felt very comfortable and at the same time, energized.”

Click here for more info about the movement.


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