deceiving fiction

I have not a few current projects that are in limbo due to a lack of time and energy. To keep my creative juices flowing, I’ve started a fun piece that allows for me to improvise, produce and flow without taking up too much time. It is a story that calls for the participation of many people ~ whomever wants to take part ~ some of whom will understand that the story is false and others who won’t. Perhaps they won’t want to. I, for one, certainly wish this were all a dream.

Objective Invasion

There’s a little arrangement of objects that have mysteriously appeared in a little alcove in the corner of my bedroom, just behind the radiator. I rarely pay attention to that area of my room, but last week I noticed these strange things start to show up. They are periodically being moved by something/someone and I can’t figure out which or what. Are they mice, faeries, joking friends, ghosts? You tell me… I’m not sure what is going on yet, but I want to find out.

The story starts here in The 404’s dada blog.

There are several chapters. You can participate in any way you like, either by leaving comments, by contacting other participants or anything else you may think up to do.

{The 404 is a collaborative art group supported by the Virginia Tech Center for Digital Discourse and Culture. All work contributed goes under a CopyLeft agreement meaning that the work is up for grabs as long as the original artist is credited. It’s a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea. The point is to encourage creative and artistic growth through what surprising things people become inspired to do from the works of others.}


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