bright red ~ internship with laurie anderson 1993

Bright Red Album Cover

I have spent a large portion of my life in recording studios watching musicians, engineers and the like recording advertisements, music albums and radio shows. It was therefore natural for me to seek a job in a music studio after I left school. I wound up in a rehearsal studio that attracted many well-known acts, and on many occasions I was able to watch and listen to them work.

One of these artists was Laurie Anderson who used the space to rehearse for her Nerve Bible tour. She and her management at the time were happy to let me watch {and even take pictures}. As a result of my interest, I was hired as a part time assistant to Laurie for a month while she recorded her then new album, Bright Red.

My work included all the little jobs a production assistant would do from answering the phones to purchasing audio equipment. I also enjoyed making lunch for the musicians on a daily basis ~ a task that got me interested in cooking for the first time.

Besides Laurie, I also had the pleasure of working with the illustrious Brian Eno, Greg Cohen, Cyro Baptista, Joey Baron, Adrian Belew, Guy Klucevsek and Joe Ferla…oh, and Arto Lindsay popped in one day for a second to hang out.

Laurie used several of my snapshots of the crew in the Bright Red CD insert, which was wonderfully flattering (and paid a little as well).

Album Sleeve w/ Snapshots

Laurie Anderson {fez distributer}
Laurie Anderson

Brian Eno and his notation {producer}
Brian Eno

Brian Eno’s Musical Notation

Cyro Baptista {percussion}
Cyro Baptista

Guy Klucevsek {accordion}
Guy Klucevsek

Joey Barron {drums}
Joey Barron

Adrian Belew {guitar and refrigerator}
Adrian Belew ~ Bright Red

Greg Cohen {bass}
Greg Cohen

Joe Ferla {sound engineer}
Kevin Killen


5 thoughts on “bright red ~ internship with laurie anderson 1993

  1. Hey you are on a Laurie album -very cool! I would love to meet both Laurie and Eno. They both seem like solid decent people as well as being amazing artists and innovators…

  2. Hi,
    Just a note….the last photo is of sound engineer, Joe Ferla. Between Joe and Kevin, you have 4 of the finest ears on the planet.

  3. Wow! Laurie Anderson AND one of my favorite albums of hers!!

    Hiya, I met you at BlackSun. I was i the art show with you.

    – Matt

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