I {and 450 other woman} can boast: i’ve been nude in grand central station

In 2003 Spencer Tunick finally got permission from the New York Mayor to legally take one of his famous photographs in New York City of hundreds of nude and anonymous people piled or gathered together in public places. I’d already missed partaking in one of the illegal ones about a year earlier when a bunch of people derobed at 6:30am just west of Central Park. My roommate took part in that, but I couldn’t get my lazy ass up.

The Grand Central shot was taken in the middle of the night in the extra hour that daylight savings time leaves behind when we fall back ~ when no trains are scheduled. It was an interesting experience to say the least!

Spencer Tunick grand central


A Mass Nude Installation at Grand Central Station by Artist Spencer Tunick Celebrating the Documentary "Naked World"


3 thoughts on “I {and 450 other woman} can boast: i’ve been nude in grand central station

  1. Hello Binnorie,
    As someone who has posed for Spencer a few times now I agree it can be most surreal. My wife and I participated in Cleveland, Buffalo and Milford, and last year I was able to participate in Lyon.
    I am a member of a site for past and future participants, and those just interested in Spencer’s art. We have Spencer’s work, including some of his lesser known individual portraits, and news photos and participant photos as well as accounts of installations. The site is http://www.spencertunickforum.org


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