sketches for ideas and projects

These are sketches and doodles for larger works that I’ve planned. Many have not been realized, but they are certainly not forgotten.

This I hope to turn into an animation. He is a confused character, shy and nervous. The cause of his jitteriness are the two conflicting characters who make up his eyes ~ both constantly bickering, one seeing the glass half full, the other seeing it half empty.

An idea for a painting or perhaps an animation:

These are sketches for sculptures that would be mounted on wind-up machines.
Sketchbook PageSketchbook Page

This is sketch for a painting. The basic image was derived from a 15th century painting where a dying man is saying his last words to God:
Last Words

Idea for a painting inspired partially by Hans Belmer’s Poupees, but also from numerous sketches:
Doll ~ Preliminary Sketch

All concepts copyright Samantha Levin/Binnorie 2006


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