self portrait and some messing about

Self portrait {I need to retake this picture. I must have sneezed when the shutter went off}:
Blurry Self Portrait

These are details of a large painting I did around 1997. I have a love/hate relationship with it – I’ve been unsatisfied with the entire composition for all this time and have made multiple attempts to work on it to my satisfaction. The parts I like are, of course, from the original attempt:

{Click to see larger image}

Discovery_01 Discovery_02 Discovery_03

This is one my first paintings. It was copied from a photo I found in a magazine when I was 15 years old. My painting style here was definitely derived from watching way too much Bob Ross on TV. What a happy accident! It’s been 20 years since I painted this, yet I remember intimate details of how I figured out how to paint the tiny lines making up the shingles on the houses and how I dreaded painting all those trees in the background.

Landscape from Magazine ala Bob Ross


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