inanimate alice

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work on the periphary of a Net project called Inanimate Alice. Simply, my job was to draw a skateboarder named Brad just as an 8 year old would draw. I am proud to see this project flourish as it has won many awards and is quite fun. It will bring out the child in you.


to read more about Alice.

December, 2006 update: Alice goes live in The Guardian

Inanimate Alice, Episode 3: Russia

Episode 3 of the interactive multimedia series by Kate Pullinger and babel, released exclusively by the Guardian Unlimited. Also from this page you can read an interview with Kate where she discusses the piece, the first in the Guardian’s new series looking at ‘digital writing pioneers’.

‘Inanimate Alice’ uses a combination of text, sound, images, and games to tell the story of Alice, a girl growing up in the early years of the 21st century. The series of multimedia, interactive episodes takes Alice from the age of 8 through to her twenties, as she becomes a games animator. Not just any animator, but a creator of characters for the most successful games company in the world. And one character stands out, Brad, Alice’s only true friend in life. As the series progresses, each episode becomes increasingly interactive and game-like, reflecting Alice’s own developing skills as a game designer and animator.

Read more about the Inanimate Alice series, including awards, screenings and reviews, at


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