jewelry line 2006

I’m working on putting up detailed shots. For now, you’ll get a nice eyefull of my lovely model, Linda Von. Photos by Daniel D’Ottavio.

All pieces are hand made with glass seed beads embellished with unusual objects, other beads and various buttons. Some are woven on a loom and others with a needle. The beads have a special weight and feel. They will take to the shape of your neck and feel cool and comfortable. Every piece is completely unique.

To get one of these babies, you must be patient. I must have a precise measurement of your neck around the area the piece will hang. The piece must be able to move with you, so you can’t measure too tightly. Some designs take a long time to make and beads can be expensive, so these are expensive too. I will work with what you can afford. I can use your old jewelry to make new jewelry. We can be creative.

Email me with questions or leave a comment here.

Click thumbnails to see larger images.

Princess-length strands:

Key and Berries Shell and Ants Various Single Strand Necklaces


Grey Lariat Netted Turquoise Lariat


Brass Pull Choker Head in the Clouds Choker Jade Shoot Princess Necklace Clasp of Jade Shoot


Spirito Collar Tootsie Collar Waltz Collar Retro Pink Collar


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