sketches, drawings and studies

I drew these back while I was taking drawing classes from Andrew Reiss and attending college at the School of Visual Arts in the late 90s / early 2ks. Some are prepatory to a few of the paintings posted in this blog.

Click on thumbnails to see larger view.

Tone study in charcoal from Vermeer:
Tonal Study

Pencil on Bristol Board:
Marcia Rebecca Dancer Male Dreds Detail

Charcoal drapery study:
Drapery Study

Charcoal on paper:
20 Min Sketch Patricia_01 Patricia_02 Raoul Sean Female Dreds Ariel

Gesture study:
Gesture Study

Anatomy study:
Anatomy Study

Pencil rendition of cast of Voltaire:


One thought on “sketches, drawings and studies

  1. I feel your pain about noisy neighbors. Do yours have a penchant for slamming doors?

    Anyway you have some nice work here. I particularly like your drawings..

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